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Set up Morningstar market data connector


In order to use security reference data from Morningstar OnDemand platform, the client ID and content types to fetch should be specified in the market data connector preferences.

Setting up

Enable the Morningstar market data from ToolsAdministerMarket Data Connectors.

Open the Reference data providers tab, click Add provider and select Morningstar OnDemand from the drop-down list.

If there's already a connector defined on a close field, use the trash bin icon to remove the existing connector. Click Add provider and select Morningstar from the drop-down list.

Choose whether to use production ( or test ( environment. Then, enter the Client ID and choose Content to fetch. The client ID can be gotten by logging in to the OnDemand portal (either or and checking the URL. For the description of different content types, please refer to Morningstar's documentation at the OnDemand portal.


When done with the settings, click Done.