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Extensions week 39 2022 - Release notes

These features, improvements, and fixes have been released in FA AppStore during week 39 2022, allowing you to update the extensions you are using to the latest version from the FA AppStore.

Data aggregation

Features and improvements

  • New report, Cash flows per account to Bloomberg AIM that allows you to automatically upload cash flows per account to the Bloomberg Asset and Investment Manager (AIM) system.

External reporting

Features and improvements

  • Birthday format validation added to CRS report.

  • In PEF reporting, ISIN code instead of linked portfolio’s short name (or security’s security code) is now used when reporting outstanding units.

Fee Management

Features and improvements

  • Rebate contracts process now supports to define which account the rebate transactions should be booked against, and the start and end date for the calculation (if defined, the rebates are only calculated for the time period between the defined dates).

Fund Management

Features and improvements

  • New Fund periodic fixed fee formula that can be used in Fund Management. More info in Fund Management release notes.

Market Data Connector

Features and improvements

  • New configuration in Administer market data connectors to enable fetching issuer and issuer ratings from Stamdata.


Features and improvements

  • Multiple improvements in Send documents to Signicat process:

    • now supports email and SMS reminders about documents that have not been signed.

    • now supports optional authentication. It can now be configured so that authentication is required or not to view the document. If not required, the person can click the link and directly read the document before signing it. If set to required, the person need to authenticate e.g. with BankID to be able to open the document.

    • now supports optional email notification.

    • now validates that the phone number the notification is going to be sent to is in correct format.

Tax reporting

Features and improvements

  • KU Cancellation in Swedish Tax reporting no longer have a limitation of 1000 items/reports.

  • KU XML schema version 8.0 for taxation year 2022 was added to Swedish tax reporting.