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Forms in a workflow

Form is the graphical user interface and is usually a part of a workflow. Form can contain various fields and components that the users can interact with and enter their data. You can create a Form via FA Form Editor which is the primary interface builder within the FA Developer App that can be accessed through the Forms view (Workflows → Forms).

When adding a new form, FA Form editor provides a graphical user interface. You can drag and drop each form component to design new forms. The component's placements determine the appearance of the form. To learn how to create a new form, check Create a form

While creating a new form, you can define the components' fields so that they are compatible with the FA import process. See Define form components to import data in FA for more info.

We recommend some configurations that allow you to calculate data in hidden fields before importing as well as uploading documents/photos into FA. Please check out Add data for import via hidden components  and Import user-uploaded files with file component

After you create a form, you can embed it into a workflow. To learn how to embed a form in a workflow, see Display a form.

You can see the form in action by launching it in a workflow. Please check out Expose a workflow