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Q1 2022 release


Q1 release introduces new features and improvements throughout all existing applications, along with one new application, FA Client Portal. This quarter's release includes a new major version on all business and administrative applications, as well as new versions of all microservices under the hood. In addition, we've released updates on Standard Solution and extensions throughout the quarter.

Highlights from this quarter's releases include:

  • FA Client Portal, a modern and responsive open-source portal that allows your clients to access their investments.

  • New features in FA Fund Management, including a wizard to create and manage fund share classes and a new mechanism to pre-calculate data for fund reporting.

  • Improvements in FA Back, providing you with the possibility to run multiple report packages at once, support for running Analytics+ on individual securities, and functionality to aggregate sub-portfolios with currency conversion.

  • Easier setup and maintenance of FA Front through re-using screens you’ve built across different roles.

  • Keycloak is our technology of choice for authentication and access control across the FA Platform. Keeping it up to date is an important part of keeping the FA Platform secure. For this reason, the 2021/Q1 release includes a Keycloak upgrade.

Read more about all the new features and improvements from the release notes below.

Webinar recording from Thursday, June 16th 2022 - 14:00 (EEST)

This webinar provides you with an introduction to versions included in the Q1/2022 release.