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Calculate ASK tax status

In general, the tax status of an ASK account is calculated only when the account is reported to authorities. In some cases, if the tax status information is needed on a daily basis or if there were changes in the historical transactions, the status is calculated more frequently.

To calculate the status on request or based on a schedule, use the Recalculate ASK tax status tool. This tool allows you to calculate tax status separately and stores the information in the Portfolio window , Tax reporting (NO) - ASK tab. When the calculation is done for a portfolio, the ASK tax status-Recalculate tag is changed to ASK tax status-Calculated. You can use the ASK tax status-Recalculate tag to filter out the portfolios that need to be calculated.

One-time calculations

To run the calculation:

  1. Open the Portfolios view and choose the portfolios you want to include in the calculation.

  2. Click Tax reportingNorwayCalculate ASK tax status. The calculation starts in the background immediately.

  3. View the calculation result. Open the Tasks view and find the ASK calculation completed successfully <datetime> task, where <datetime> is the date and time when the calculation was completed.

Scheduled calculations

To schedule the calculations, follow the general instructions in Scheduling. The process is called ASK recalculation in the scheduling view.