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Queries view

Queries view allows you to make customized searches against the FA database in SQL. Queries is an efficient way of searching and aggregating information that is not directly supported by the other search views. Queries can be used for example for mass searches and aggregating information.

You can:

  • Make ad-hoc searches. Click Show query to enter the query, and then click Search. If a query takes too long or if you need to edit the parameters, click Stop.

  • Save your queries for later use. When you save your query for later use, you can give it a descriptive name and decide who to share it with.

  • Export the results of any query as PDF or XLS.Exporting data as XLSX or PDF

  • Use your saved queries as sections within your Dashboard - If your query returns at least one numeric value, instead of showing the data as a table, you can draw the results of your query as a chart on the Dashboard.

  • Save your saved queries as a report template - If your query supports the $P(portfolioId) parameter, you can save your query as a report template and use it as any other report. The queries saved as report templates are identified with the file icon within the saved query tab.

  • Show data to your logged-in users in FA Front.