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Execute bulked trade orders

If your bulked trade order is updated with the execution details for example via a trading integration, it is recommended to execute bulk and client orders in one go. If you need to define the execution details manually, use the manual approach described in Manually execute trade orders.

Execute bulk orders

  1. Go to the Dashboard Bulking and expand the Bulk - Waiting section.

  2. At the bottom of the screen select either Bulk → Execute bulked trade orders or Bulk → Execute valid bulked trade orders directly. The former option presents you with a confirmation screen of the orders to be executed. The latter option executes the orders directly without any additional confirmation.


The Execute valid bulked trade orders directly functionality is only available if you have the role TOM_BA specified. You can also use this functionality for example to schedule bulking.

Created transactions

You can see the created transactions in client portfolio(s) and in the bulk portfolio. You can search orders based on the reference number that the bulking process has created.


To send out trade order transactions automatically, see Generate reports for transactions and trade orders.