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Processes enable you to build custom workflows with low-code visual tools. You can build and manage processes in the Processes viewof the FA Developer app. A process can feature different actions, such as:

  • Creating JSReports, fetching data via APIs, importing and updating data in FA, and controlling the process workflow. To read more about the process capabilities, see Process workflow.

  • Collecting and displaying data to a user via forms. To read more about forms and related features, see Forms in a process.

Business applications for processes

You can apply processes in multiple business cases. For example, you can build a new client onboarding workflow that does the following:

  1. Collects client details together with Know-Your-Client (KYC) questions.

  2. Recommends a product for the client based on the client's preferences.

  3. Creates an investment contract document for a client to approve.

  4. Imports collected client information into the FA.

For more examples of applying processes in your business, see the Sample processes section.

Exposing processes

Process is a tool to manage your workflow, and there are different ways to expose the process for the user. To learn more about how to launch different kinds of processes, please see Expose a process.