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FA Back 3.6 - Release notes

FA Back 3.6 [latest updated version FA Back 3.6.2] has been released.

FA Back 3.6

Contains: Drill down in Analytics+ and easier ways to access portfolios on the Overview

Released: April 16th, 2020

Improvements - see attached FA Back 3.6 Release notes for more details.

FA Back 3.6 Release notes.pdf

  • Drill down into underlying positions in Analytics+, allowing you to analyze the underlying positions you own through your investment

  • Improvements on the Overview to provide an easier way to access a linked portfolio, such as a fund, and to return to the previously-selected portfolio

  • Possibility to obfuscate certain sensitive client information before storing it into the database

  • Further improvements in information security, for example auditing changes made in API tokens and permissions

In addition to the improvements highlighted in the release notes, FA Back 3.6.0 includes the following improvements and bug fixes:

  • Analytics+ now considers the correct time period when calculating annualized figures, such as "TWR Ann". Before, Analytics+ considered the period to be one day too short, not including the first day of the period, when annualizing.

  • Linking a security to itself is no longer possible, and if you try to link a security to itself you are shown an appropriate message. Before, opening a portfolio on the Overview resulted in a blank screen if your portfolio contained a position that was linked to itself.

  • Documents section on the Overview is now disabled when you have selected a group - you cannot save documents on groups, which is now clear also on Overview's documents section.

  • Portfolio window's Contacts tab now properly shows a contact sub type when selecting to view the details of a contact linked to the portfolio.

  • In addition, Ignite (used as a key-store for certain non-persisted values) has been extracted into a separate standalone microservice instead of being embedded within the applications. The objective is to make resource requirements easier to control, and to no longer use it as a second-level cache.

Updates to FA Back 3.6:

FA 3.6.1 Release notes

FA 3.6.1 is an update to FA 3.6. This update includes the following bug fixes:

  • Accrued interest is now calculated correctly during the ex-coupon period for fixed-coupon bonds with ex-coupon date. Logic to calculate accrued interest on fixed coupon bond now takes bond's characteristics into account adequately.

  • User migration required to upgrade from FA 3.4 to FA 3.5 or newer now correctly migrates the user's status, and handles users with partially matching user names correctly by always creating a new user instead of updating a partially matching user. For example, migrating a user with user name "test" now correctly creates a new user instead of updating the information of user with user name "testuser".

  • In addition, version upgrade from FA 3.4 directly to FA 3.6 now migrates users correctly, allowing us to avoid unnecessarily upgrading to FA 3.5 first before upgrading to FA 3.6.

  • Fixed an issue related installing, updating or uninstalling certain extensions from the AppStore not working due to shared files being locked when running multiple applications (e.g. FA Back and FA Front).

  • Default polling frequency of file-based camel routes has now been adjusted to every 2 minutes. Before, the polling frequency was 0,5 seconds, and such a high file polling frequency was unnecessary for our file-based integrations.

  • In addition, Ignite L2 cache is now disabled by default without additional configurations.

In addition, this version contains all fixes from version FA 3.4.15:

  • Existing pre-paid transactions are now handled correctly also when purchase lot recalculation is triggered in the portfolio (e.g. due to another transaction being added to the portfolio) from a date that is between the existing transaction’s payment date and transaction date. This ensures that pre-paid transactions have correct effects on the payment date when other transactions that fall on the "pre-paid period" are being added or modified.

  • Portfolio's positions are now valuated correctly with the latest market price also when the system is connected to two market data providers at the same time, and the portfolio only contains securities getting a price from the first connector but doesn't contain securities getting a price from the second connector. Now all portfolios getting a price through any of the market data connectors get updated properly.

  • Group-level figures are now available for limit analysis even when the lowest "security" level is not included in the limit definition. For example, you can now create a limit that analyses a figure, such as "Duration", on all your "bonds".

FA 3.6.2 Release notes

FA 3.6.2 is an update to FA 3.6. This update includes the following bug fixes:

  • You can now properly open tasks from the Tasks view and saved tabs on other search views that have "/" in their name. The navigation pattern shown in the URL no longer gets confused with / in the name of a tab the user opens.

  • Fixed an issue related to some Analytics+ columns, such as "Volatility", excluding the first day's return, which resulted in the calculations being based on a period one day shorter than expected. Now the columns taking "daily returns" as a parameter correctly include also the first day's return in the calculations.

  • IRR is now calculated correctly in Analytics+ also when there is a cashflow on the last day of the analysis.

  • Analytics+ now correctly prompts the user to "Analyze" when adding or removing the custom grouping "Drill down hierarchy". In addition, selecting the custom grouping with "Drill down hierarchy" automatically checks the "Include positions from linked portfolios", ensuring there is enough data for the analysis to visualize the hierarchy. These improvements allow users to efficiently work with drill down, and that there is no need to manually "refresh" the analysis to get the drill down hierarchy visible - clicking "Analyze" after doing changes in the groupings is enough.

  • Daily "Share" values within the indexed return data in Analytics+ (available for example in FA Front or through APIs) are now shown correctly. Before, "Share" fetched from indexed return data always showed either 1 or 0 instead of the correct share.

In addition, this version contains all fixes from version FA 3.4.16:

  • Previewing an imported transaction file no longer removes transactions with duplicate external IDs from the portfolio in a scenario when the portfolio has transactions with duplicate external IDs and such transactions are updated with an import file. Preview now only previews the file, without making any changes in such a scenario.

  • You can now manually change a transaction from having an account to having "No account" in the Transaction window with only clicking "Save" after your change. When you change your transaction's account to "No account" and click "Save", the Transaction window no longer shows the previous account you had on your transaction, but instead correctly shows "No account".

  • Security type preferences now prevent you from ending up with "orphan" security sub types (i.e. sub types not linked to any type) in your database. When a security type with sub types is deleted, the sub types are also deleted from the database, and security sub types added to a non-saved security type are not stored unless you save the security type. In addition, existing orphan security types are cleaned up from the database.

  • Fixed an issue related to position valuation and report recalculation, which resulted in an error and reports not being recalculated for the first portfolios on the list to be recalculated. This error occasionally blocked report recalculation in certain environments for certain portfolios.