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Standard Solution 1.42 - Release notes

Released: January 3rd, 2023

Standard solution 1.42 provides you with the possibility to integrate to Bloomberg Asset and Investment Manager (AIM), introduces an improved way of updating security price from the linked portfolio and improved authority reporting, along with other smaller improvements.

Bloomberg Asset and Investment Manager (AIM) integration

Version 1.42 provides the possibility to integrate FA with Bloomberg Asset and Investment Manager (AIM). Bloomberg AIM integration is mainly used when trades are initiated outside of FA/in Bloomberg AIM, and there is a need to read in the finalized transactions into FA and export cash information in an automated way. 

You can integrate Bloomberg AIM with FA by three different ways:

  • Import transactions

  • Import reconciliation material (position information)

  • Export cash information (cash flows and account balances)

When importing the transactions and if the security of the transaction is not found in the system, it will be created automatically by the integration. For equities, bonds and futures, a temporary passive security is created. The details of those temporary securities should be adjusted to match reality, either manually or via the Bloomberg security data integration (see Get extended security data). For term deposits and interest rate swaps, the complete security is created, and FX transactions are imported as contracts.

Learn more: Bloomberg AIM integration in FA User Guide.

Calculate Norwegian ASK account tax status

In general, the tax status of an ASK account is calculated only when the account is reported to authorities. In some cases, if the tax status information is needed on a daily basis or if there were changes in the historical transactions, the status is calculated more frequently. 

Version 1.42 provides a way for the user to calculate the ASK tax status on request or based on a schedule. The Recalculate ASK tax status tool allows the user to calculate the tax status and stores the information in the Portfolio window, Tax reporting (NO) - ASK tab.

Learn more: Calculate ASK tax status in FA User Guide.

Norwegian Fund and Asset Management Association reporting

Norwegian fund companies need to report some statistics on a regular basis to Norwegian Fund and Asset Management Association/Verdipapirfondenes Forening (VFF).  The report includes information about subscriptions, redemptions, reinvested dividend, and more, in fund securities distributed by the reporter.

Version 1.42 provides a standard report available as an optional package to generate the required file to Verdipapirfondenes Forening (VFF).

Learn more: Norwegian VFF fund report in FA User Guide.

Improved pricing based on linked portfolio

The Update security price from linked portfolio process which is used to enter market data to certain securities has been improved for easier usage. The idea is that the price of a security is determined by either the market value, indexed value or benchmark indexed value of a portfolio. 

Version 1.42 introduces a new security profile used for defining the parameters for the calculation along with an optional security key figure to be used to add a fixed annual return (%).


Learn more: Pricing based on linked portfolio in FA User Guide.

Norwegian individual pension account (EPK) payout

You can use monthly withdrawals to create withdrawal trade orders into portfolios based on a schedule defined in the portfolio details. You can then liquidate assets in the portfolios, execute the trade order and generate payment material to make the transfer in the bank. 

With version 1.42 comes support to define a minimum withdrawal amount that applies to all portfolios. You can use this to set the minimum for example according to rules for pension accounts, such as EPK in Norway.

Learn more: Monthly withdrawals in FA User Guide.

Other improvements

  • Multi-select security tag Trade type-Trade amount and Trade type-Units has been added to Standard Solution so that users can specify what kind of execution methods can be used for which securities. 

  • New standard decision table template for Finnish tax reporting that uses the transaction's characteristics to define the correct VSTVERIE tag to be used. Transaction tagging can be automated with the decision table.

  • Additional contact tag and contact profile needed for latest versions of FATCA and CRS/DAC2 reporting process added.

  • Users with DOC_SIGN role are now able to cancel document signing tasks from the Tasks view.

  • Portfolio value monitoring process now supports the sub-portfolio structure. By default, it includes sub-portfolios when monitoring portfolios.


Portfolio Management

  • PE-Return of capital, recallable transaction type now uses Distribution effect=No effect so that Private Equity KPIs are calculated correctly.

  • PM_VIE role now has CONTRACT.VIEW permission enabled to support full visibility over all transactions.

Tax Reporting

  • Transaction tags KU-Move to ISK and KU-Exclude that are needed for Swedish tax reporting in certain scenarios are now added to Standard Solution.

Market Data Connector

  • Commodity futures traded in cents created using Bloomberg integration no longer gets incorrect multiplier set.