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Send documents for signing

You can send documents stored in FA to one or more clients for signing. The client receives a link to the document via email or SMS. When the document is signed, you can download it from FA Back.

To send a document for signing:

  1. Make sure the signee's details are specified in the Contact window:

    • Social security number / national identification number in the External ID field.

    • Email address in the Address info tab. The email with the document link is sent to the contact's first email address. Email address is required if Email notification is set to Always.

    • Phone number in the Address info tab. If the phone number defined, the client will receive an SMS with a link in addition to the email. Phone number is required if SMS notification is set to Always.

    • (if both notifications are set to If valid email address/phone number is found, then either email address or phone number must be set)

  2. Upload the documents in the Contact, Portfolio, Transaction or Trade order window, Documents tab. Add the "Document signing-Waiting" tag.

  3. Go to the Contacts view and select the signee's contact. Click Document signing→ Send documents for signing at the bottom of the view.

  4. Select the documents you want to send. Documents with validation errors, shown in Validation column, cannot be sent. Validation errors are usually about missing details described in Step 1.

  5. Click Send.

You will see a notification that shows the number of documents sent and the number of errors. Sent documents are tagged with "Document signing-Pending". The documents with errors receive the "Document signing-Error" tag.

The signee will receive an email with a link to view and sign the document.


Once the client signs the document, the signed document is saved in the Contact, Portfolio, Transaction or Trade order window, Documents tab. The contact and the first page contains signing information.


Add multiple signees

You can add document signees that aren't linked to the portfolio, transaction or trade order as a client. This is useful if you for example need to have multiple signees for a document.

To specify the signees, go to the Contact window, Document signing tab and create the list of signees on the right using the arrow button. The selected contacts need to have their contact details set the same way as described in Step 1 above.


Automated sending

Sending documents on daily basis can be laborious task. To ease up the routine, you can automate the sending with FA's scheduling functionality. Scheduled sending will try to send all the tagged documents for signing. If there are validation errors for any of the documents, parent objects (portfolio or contact) of those documents are tagged with Document signing-Error tag. Document itself is not tagged and it can be sent after the validation errors are fixed.

For more details on how to do scheduling, please refer to the Schedulingsection in FA Admin guide.