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Drill-down logic

Structure required for drill-down

Drill down assumes you maintain the underlying positions in a portfolio in FA, and assumes you have linked your underlying portfolios to your securities through the Linked portfolio fields. Once the setup is correct, drill down is able to find the positions from the linked portfolio.

When positions are retrieved for analysis, a check is done on whether a position's security has a linked portfolio. If this is the case, a recursive call is made to retrieve the positions of the linked portfolio and will continue to fetch any further underlying linked portfolio positions until there are no positions containing linked portfolios. Positions from the linked portfolio's sub-portfolios are also fetched and included in the drill-down (available from FA 3.7 onward, prior to which only positions from the linked portfolio are fetched, not positions from linked portfolio's sub-portfolios).

Drill down works also with fund-of-fund structures, allowing you to drill down up to 10 levels.


Calculation logic for underlying positions' values

Values for the positions fetched through drill-down are calculated based on the market value of your investment, the market value of the linked portfolio, and the underlying position’s share in the linked portfolio.

To determine how much the main portfolio "owns" of the underlying positions, a "drill down percentage" is calculated by comparing the market value of the actual position (e.g. fund position) and the total market value of the linked portfolio (e.g. fund portfolio). The percentage used to determine "underlying positions owned" below the current level be calculated as follows:

  • Drill down percentage for current level = (Market trade amount of "Security X" in current portfolio) / (total Market trade amount of "Portfolio X" linked to "Security X")

  • Drilling down multiple levels (e.g. for a fund-of-fund) to find the underlying positions means multiplying the drill down percentages for all levels down until the lowest position level

  • Drill down percentages are calculated daily over the selected period

Values for all available analytics fields for underlying positions are derived by linearly multiplying the values with the drill-down percentage.