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Standard Solution 1.41 - Release notes

Released: December 13th, 2022

Standard solution 1.41 provides you the possibility to generate Norwegian tax reports (PDF) with the data that has been reported to the tax authorities along with other smaller improvements and fixes.

Norwegian tax reports (PDF)

In version 1.37 we made the Norwegian tax reports (XML files) to the tax authorities available in Standard Solution.

According to Norwegian regulations, investors need to be informed of the data that has been reported to the tax authorities on their behalf.  In version 1.41, the standard Norwegian tax reports (PDF) have now been made visible in Standard Solution and restricted to REP_TAXNO role. This means Standard Solution lets you generate PDF reports with the data that has been reported to the tax authorities. PDF reports can be sent out to clients via email, or, for example, uploaded to FA Client Portal for easy access for the client.

Options TWR based on exposure

In version 1.41 of Standard Solution, non-listed and complex listed options (H) and Listed options (O) have TWR calculation based on exposure instead of market value.

Removal of old cost formulas

In version 1.39 of Standard Solution we introduced the Configurable fee formula which means that there is no longer a need to use the old non-fund cost formulas defined in the system. In version 1.41, the old cost formulas have been removed.


Fee Management

  • The unnecessary “Fixed fee” transaction type has been removed and documentation updated.

Portfolio Management

  • Missing and incorrect GICS sector codes have been fixed in Global Industry Classification Standard package.

Trade Order Management

  • Validate trade orders process has been reconfigured to be compatible with pre-trade limit check.