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FA Fund Management 1.5 - Release notes

FA Fund Management 1.5 [latest updated version 1.5.0] has been released.

FA Fund Management 1.5

Contains: Smaller improvements in existing features

Released: December 10th, 2021

Improvements - see attached FA Fund Management 1.5 Release notes for more details.

FA Fund Management 1.5 Release notes.pdf

  • Automatic order execution during NAV acceptance uses trade order's settlement date if entered on a client subscription or redemption

  • NAV acceptance updates share class security's allocation based on fund portfolio's investment's allocation

  • Shareholder registry allows you to download and delete a created unit certificate

  • NAV calculation supports producing to a new warning for "Unexpected difference between current and previous units" for a share class

In addition to the improvements highlighted in the release notes,FA Fund Management 1.5.0 includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed an issue in mass-accepting NAV related to NAV acceptance occasionally taking an unnecessarily long time to complete. The delay was related to report data recalculations timing out after saving transactions during the acceptance, and was solved by using another method to initiate the recalculations.

  • NAV reports can now be correctly generated also when the analysis on the fund portfolio returns "infinite" or "NaN" values.

  • Fixed an issue in Shareholder registry that changing the date repeatedly occasionally resulted in an error "Shareholders could not be loaded".

  • Shareholder details are now correctly closed in Shareholder registry when changing the fund selection or when navigating to another view and back.