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FA Back 3.15 - Release notes

Released: July 15th, 2022

FA Back 3.15 provides you with the possibility to export and import posting rules which can save you a lot of time. It has also become easier for you to share views and processes with groups defined in FA Admin Console.

Export and import of posting rules

FA Back version 3.15 provides you with the opportunity to export and import posting rules. This new functionality can save you time, effort and reduce mistakes since you don’t need to manually click in all posting rules. For example, when you set up posting rules in the test environment and test that they are working as expected, you can now export and import the tested posting rules to production environment.

Also, this functionality can be useful if you need several almost identical posting rules for different security types. When you manually have set up one set of posting rules, you can now export that set and make needed changes in CSV for the other security type and import the CSV to a new set of posting rules. You can also import the posting rules without making any changes in the CSV and make the necessary changes directly in FA. This will save you time since you don’t need to manually set up all the rules and this also reduces possibilities for mistakes.


Learn more: Preference - Bookkeepingin FA Back reference.

Book a separate transaction that allocates costs on purchase lots similar to booking fees on transactions

You can use this new feature when you have a transaction cost, for example a legal fee, that will later be booked to the transaction. Before this change, it has only been possible to allocate a cost like this by modifying the original transaction. Now, you can record the cost with a separate transaction and still get the allocation to purchase lots correct. When booked correctly as a separate transaction cost, the system will automatically allocate the cost on the correct purchase lots. This feature is especially useful when you valuate your portfolio with the FIFO method.


Learn more: Transaction typesin FA Back reference.

User roles defined in FA Admin Console available in views and processes

You can now see the user roles that you assigned to your users in FA Admin Console (User management view) in the Share with drop-down. With this new change it’s much easier to identify the users who you would like to share views and processes with.

Before, sharing user interface content was based on very granular system-level roles, and it was hard to know who you were sharing content to. The new sharing option corresponds one-to-one with the user roles you assign for your users in FA Admin Console. With this, it is easy to share content to your colleagues, as you can see options like “Backoffice”, “Compliance” or “Accounting” in the sharing options. The sharing options now correspond with the real user roles in your organization.

This new change is a new option available throughout the whole FA Back, in every place where you can control visibility of something, for example saved views, reports, report packages, processes, and some preferences, such as profiles or tags. All previously saved shared views are still working as before.


Learn more: Saving and sharing search viewsin FA Back reference.



  • When running a report per customer or per portfolio FA now passes the trade order and transaction IDs from the included portfolios.

  • Reports with only report date don't show a start date anymore.

  • Limitation on how many reports can be included in a report package is now removed.

  • Corrected a translation in the Report window.


  • Fixed an issue where dividend had incorrect effect on TWR calculation.


  • Portfolio groups are now part of the portfolio GraphQL.

  • Users with limited visibility and extended limited visibility can no longer import data via GrapgQL APIs.

  • When importing transactions through GraphQL import API, the rules now run correctly.


  • When importing transactions, the AUTO logic now always uses cash account as account. If no cash account is set, it will use the default account.

  • You can now import account information and view it correctly in the Portfolios view.

Portfolio management

  • You can now correctly export market price for a security with "%" or "+" character in the name.

  • You can now download a document with "%" or "+" character in the name.

  • Corrected tax country translations in the Portfolio view.

Fee calculation

  • No transactions are created in Fee calculation, if portfolio startup date is defined for time after fee calculation end date.

Other fixes

  • Transaction tags now transfer correctly when executing trade orders through right-clicking.

  • A user having capital letters in the user ID can now correctly see their tasks in Task management.

  • When creating a new posting rule, it is now mandatory to select either debit or credit in the payment field.

  • Fixed linking of Keycloak users to contacts with multiple IDs.

  • Some Help links in FA Back are updated.

Updates to FA Back 3.15

FA Back 3.15.1 Release notes

FA Back 3.15.1 is an update to FA Back 3.15. This update includes the following fixes:

  • When rebalancing a portfolio, having a model selected and the “rebalance method” is changed to something else than “Conservative” you no longer get an error message, and the model portfolio shares are shown correctly. 

  • When aggregation of subportfolios is changed from “sum-up” to “recalculate values”, the values are now recalculated from the earliest date of any of the subportfolios.

  • When several purchase lots are booked and one common transaction cost is allocated to them, the value in “Charges related to transactions” is now correct. Also, the transaction costs in the “ex-post Cost & Charges” report are now correctly visible. 

  • Improved the performance of listing available contacts for limited visibility users while listing contacts.

  • The GraphQL query endpoint “report” has now a correct description for “reportId”.

  • The limit for who can launch processes via GraphQL is now working as expected. 

FA Back 3.15.2 Release notes

FA Back 3.15.2 is an update to FA Back 3.15. This update includes the following fixes:

  • The Portfolio and Counter portfolio dropdowns in the New Contract window and the Securities dropdown in Analytics+ now work also with a large number of portfolios.

  • The TWR(sec) field now uses the correct FX rate in its calculation.

FA Back 3.15.3 Release notes

FA Back 3.15.3 is an update to FA Back 3.15. This update includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with the TWR calculation when having Exchanges through a temporary security.

  • Now users with limited visibility can search for contacts in GraphQL without getting errors.

FA Back 3.15.4 Release notes

FA Back 3.15.4 is an update to FA Back 3.15. This update includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed an issue causing Fund service not to start.

FA Back 3.15.5 Release notes

FA Back 3.15.5 is an update to FA Back 3.15. This update includes the following fix:

  • Fixed an issue in the calculation logic with some cases where the FX rate was incorrectly taken into account.

  • Fixed an issue with displacement of the login icon and some other icons when logging in.

FA Back 3.15.6 Release notes

FA Back 3.15.6 is an update to FA Back 3.15. This update includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with the analytics requests made for one-day analysis.

  • You can now import transactions with account “auto” for a portfolio with no accounts.

  • FA Back now manages FA Front role updates and informs FA Front about the changes. This happens simultaneously as when FA Back is updating its own roles.

  • Keycloak groups and content shared with groups are now correctly visible in FA Back.

FA Back 3.15.7 Release notes

FA Back 3.15.7 is an update to FA Back 3.15. This update includes the following fix:

  • Fixed an issue with the nightly report calculation where the TWR was incorrectly calculated, when there were some exchange transactions in security.