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Generate FATCA and CRS/DAC2 reports

You can use pre-saved Portfolio views Reporting - FATCA and Reporting - CRS/DAC2 to generate FATCA and CRS/DAC2 reports. These views utilize dynamic portfolio groups to fetch the list of portfolios whose primary contact has the tag FATCA or CRS/DAC2.

Therefore, in order to add portfolios to these groups, specify the appropriate tag for the primary contact of the portfolio.

Once all the relevant information has been specified, the reports can be created in the Portfolios view. Select the appropriate portfolios (above mentioned FATCA and CRS/DAC2 saved views can be used) and choose on of the followings:

  •  Authority reporting > FATCA

  • Authority reporting > CRS/DAC2

  • Authority reporting > CRS/DAC2 (Finland)


The Create NullReport selection can be changed to Yes if you know there is nothing to report and want to just create the null report. Reporting level selection is self-explanatory: by selecting Contact, you can group the portfolios together by their primary contact and report only one record per contact (instead of one record per portfolio if you select Portfolio).

After selecting Done, you can download the XML files in the opened window:


Also in the list is a CSV file for each generated XML. This file contains the same records that are output to the XML and can be used to verify the result easier than with the XML file.