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Standard Solution July 2023 - Release notes

Released: July 31st, 2023

Standard Solution July 2023 introduces a number of smaller improvements to existing features as well as fixes.

Other improvements

Trade Order Management

Portfolio Management

Fee Management

  • Configurable transaction status for created fee transactions in fee calculation. You can now choose to create fee transactions with the "Accepted", "Deleted" or "Not finished" status in fee calculation (previously they were always created with the "Accepted" status).

  • Support for sub-portfolio structures in the configurable performance fee. You can now choose to include sub-portfolios when calculating performance fee with the configurable performance fee formula (previously they were always excluded).


  • Improved standard role descriptions in the Role management in FA Admin Console.



  • Referred document amount is now included in pain.001 payments with creditor reference.


Trade Order Management

  • The Monthly investments/divestments tab in the Portfolio window is now lighter and opens up faster.

  • Fixed an issue where bulked trade orders got the wrong unit price when the security has multipliers.


  • Fixed an issue with the wrong total number of transactions being reported in the pain.008 direct debit instructions.

  • Fixed an issue where individual transactions with missing account details prevented generation of pain.008 direct debit instructions for the remaining valid transactions.


  • Fixed a Java 17 compatibility issue with the old Allocation report that prevented from using it with FA Back 3.19 and later.


  • Fixed an issue where user preferences defined under Tools → Administer where ignored in accounting rules.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented adding the correct logical terminal address in settlement instructions in certain configurations.

External Reporting

  • Fixed an issue where buyer or seller ID was missing from MiFIR transaction report for transactions with transmission of order indicator false.


  • FA Back 3.19 compatibility fix for trade splitting.