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Custody report for SEB - Configuration

Custody report presents a breakdown of how each NAV was calculated in FA Fund Management. FA supports generation of custody reports to SEB in the correct XML format that corresponds to the SEB schema version NAV_Breakdown_XML_Schema_version2.xsd. The specification document is available from SEB by request.

Define security codes and IDs

The report features the following security-related values for the positions in the fund portfolio:

  • If a security has a CFI code selected under Tag: CFI, the CFI code is reported in the custody report with the tag CFI. See the 6 CFI codes for NAV breakdown deliveries section in the SEB specification document on how to classify the securities. You can also define rules for automatically adding the tag based on type or subtype by uploading the decision table: fa_security_setCFITagByType.xlsx. See Create, deploy and verify a decision table in FA Developer Guide for more information about uploading and modifying decision tables.

  • If a security has a marketplace, the marketplace MIC code is included with the tag MkPl.

  • If a security has the key figure Bloomberg Identifier, the identifier is included in the report with the tag BloombergId. This key figure is added to your securities and included in the report automatically, if you create the securities from Bloomberg (see Get security data). If not, see Bloomberg Instrument Identifier in the section 3.7.3 Financial Market Standard Instruments of the SEB specification document for what to report.

Configure the report

To configure SEB custody report:

  1. Go to Tools → Administer → SEB custody reporting in FA Back and fill in the details about the fund management company and agreement with SEB:

    • Organization number

    • Company name

    • Sender ID at SEB (a unique identifier provided by SEB)

    • Country

  2. (Optional) To transfer files to SEB automatically via SFTP, choose Enable automatic transfer and provide the connection details:

    • Port (the SFTP connection port; check with SEB whether you should use 22 or 52222)

    • Username

    • Password


    SEB requires that you ask them to whitelist your IP address if you wish to deliver files to SEB via SFTP. Usually, for production systems, the IP to whitelist is

  3. Click Done to save the configuration.

After completing these steps, you can generate and send the reports as soon as you have NAV calculated with FA Fund Management app.