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Export cash flows and balances

The cash flows and cash account balances are exported with specialised reports made for the purpose. To create the reports and export the data, define the two reports as separate report packages and schedule the report creation.

To define a report package:

  1. Open the Report window (New → New report).

  2. Select AIM Cash position upload or AIM Cashflow upload from the report list and define the report parameters on the right:

    • Customer, Group, Portfolio: Portfolios to include.

    • Report date: Position date. Use one of the dynamic selections, such as “D0: Current day” or “D1: Previous day”.

    • File format: XML.

    • Output type: One report (background).

    • Folder name: outbound/Bloomberg. The folder name must be exactly this if you want to send the reports to Bloomberg automatically.

  3. Click Save as a new report package.

  4. Give the package name AIM Cash position upload or AIM Cashflow upload and (optionally) share it with others.

  5. Click Save.

After your report package is saved, you can use it by selecting the package from the list or schedule it for automatic generation. Refer to FA Back Reference for more details: Report window

If the connection to Bloomberg is set up, the created reports will automatically be sent to Bloomberg.