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You can

  • Create settlement instructions from transactions in standard electronic formats

  • Send the created settlement instruction files automatically to selected custodians

  • Receive settlement status information via standard format and update information in the system accordingly

Getting started

The general flow for settlements in FA goes as follows:

  1. Appropriate information is filled in FA so that settlement instructions can be created

  2. Settlement instruction files (MT540-MT543) are created in FA

  3. The files are downloaded and sent forward either manually or automatically (if using supported custodian)

  4. The transactions in FA are marked accordingly

  5. If needed, settlement status update files (MT548) can be imported into FA either manually or automatically (if using supported custodian). The applicable transactions are updated based on the file contents.

The basic flow is explained in more detail in the article Create settlement instruction files. If you are using a supported custodian and have a connection set up with them, you can extend the basic manual flow with the automatic connection to the custodian (see the article Send settlement instructions automatically and receive settlement updates).