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Set trade order status to executable automatically


In trade order flow there are two different ways to set trade order to executable: with automatic rule or with bulking.

Automatic rule to set trade orders executable

The system will change accepted orders to be Executable status automatically if all of these rules are met:

  • Status is Accepted

  • Transaction type B / SUB / S / RED

  • Order does not have any Bulk tags (Bulked orders will be set to executable via bulking process)

  • No Order validation-Waiting tag

    • In purchase orders no Order validation-Insufficient cash

    • In sale orders no Order validation-Insufficient units

  • No Payment-waiting / Payment-Error tags

If you have set a Bulk group and Bulk scheduling, the system will bulk all Bulk-Waiting orders according to the schedule you set. In bulk, orders receive the new status Executable.