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FA Back 3.13 - Release notes

FA Back 3.13 [latest updated version 3.13.6] has been released.

FA Back 3.13

Contains: Improvements in existing features

Released: January 18th, 2022

Improvements - see attached FA Back 3.13 Release notes for more details:

FA Back 3.13 Release notes.pdf

  • Easier way in the Report window to schedule report package through a new schedule builder.

  • Extended import formats to delete individual tags or profile attributes and update portfolio's fees and groups.

  • Support for controlling the visibility of reports in the Report window through user roles.

In addition to the improvements highlighted in the release notes, FA Back 3.13.0 includes the following fixes and improvements:


  • When you change security's ex-post costs through the Security window, user audit now contains an entry for "User [user name] closed the Security window after modifying ex-post costs for security [security ID]".

  • Trade orders now correctly have an effect on the expected amount ("Amount (p)") of the cash position on the Overview. Before, such the effect was visible only on the security position.

  • Drill down ("Include positions from linked portfolios") now correctly fetches and shows allocation for securities included through the drill down.

  • Analytics+ can now handle the allocation transfer of a security correctly: analytical figures are now calculated correctly if you change the allocation of a security in the middle of a period.

  • Sending a report via email from the Overview now works more reliably. Your email is sent correctly without errors on the log even if you select a single portfolio or a contact with only one portfolio.

  • You can now filter with ' (a single quote character) in the search views without an unnecessary error.

  • When clicking on a row on a search view that no longer matches your search criteria, the system now shows a proper error message for "Something went wrong" with instructions to proceed instead of an intimidating and vague "Internal error" message.

  • Fixed an issue related to the possibility of purchase lot update getting stuck if there is an ongoing report recalculation on the portfolio.

  • Task lists within the Tasks view are now refreshed properly when you delete a process task.

  • You can now correctly import securities into the system even in if you have defined the same security sub types under different security types - importing now maps your security to a correct sub type based on the security type you define in the import file.

  • You can now correctly import contact's "settlement place" information through column #27 c.contactExchanges within the file format for importing contacts.

  • Saving a group tag definition no longer occasionally saves options in the group as double to the database. Before, if this happened, it prevented access to tag preferences later on.

  • Yield Curve construction now defaults to a non-Log-based interpolator when curve points are mixed negative and positive, and gives a warning about it when valuing.

  • New securities you add to an Exchange corporate action now longer get saved when you click "Cancel".

  • Trying to add already existing IDs to new contact or portfolio no longer causes an unnecessary error.

  • Contact representatives are now ordered alphabetically in Contact window's Representatives tab. In addition, contact's representative name is now updated correctly in Contact view's column when representative's name is changed.

  • You can now remove a transaction's time in the Transaction window through emptying the field.

  • You can now properly select "Posting rule" as a column on Portfolios view.

  • Field to select values for your dynamic group rules in the Groups view is now wider, making it easier for you to define the conditions for your dynamic groups.

  • Rebalance view's "Cash choice" filter now allows you to filter your rebalance history also with rebalance method "Full including orders".

  • Security's redemption information is now correctly tracked in security's versions.

  • Changes made in a contract security are now correctly audited as "Save security" (instead of "Transaction save") in contract security's versions.

  • Purchase price effect is now correctly shown with translated text in transaction type versions in Preferences.

  • Fixed small typos in the "Import trade orders" menu and Portfolio window's Accounts tab.

  • In addition, fixed an issue related to some users occasionally seeing "Whitelabel Error Page code 999" when trying to log in.


  • Data performance metrics for deleting contract-related securities and market data now work correctly without causing unnecessary error logs.

  • Opening a corporate action with a maturity date in the past maturity date now properly generates a log on the WARN level instead of on the ERROR level.

  • In addition, log4j has been upgraded to the latest version of the library. This upgrade includes a fix to a recent serious security vulnerability.

Developer tools:

  • GraphQL APIs now allow you to fetch positions based on unsettled transactions in a similar way as it is possible to get positions based on open trade orders.

  • GraphQL APIs now provide you with support for analyzing, getting a portfolio report, transactions or trade orders on the contact level.

  • New GraphQL APIs now allow you to closed report sub items and report sub items in different contexts.

  • Profiles now allow you to define formatting for DesignIntegerField and DesignNumberField. In addition, values in DecimalTextField are now formatted based on the pattern set on the field.

  • Fixed an issue related to jsreport occasionally returning unauthorized error (401) when generating a large report from FA Back: generating a custom report now passes a refresh token as well, which can be used by the report.

  • General importer now allows you to check the import for errors through a new errors field with new hasErrors() and setErrors().

  • Programmatically saving a portfolio returned by savePortfolio() no longer fails if the portfolio has no rulesets linked to it.

Updates to FA Back 3.13

FA Back 3.13.1 Release notes

FA Back 3.13.1 is an update to FA Back 3.13. This update includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed potential issues in report generation, which could have caused problems in concurrent use, especially when reports scheduled report generations happen to run in the system simultaneously.

  • Fixed an issue in an automatic upgrade script that made upgrades to FA 3.13 unnecessarily slow. Upgrading to this version changes existing database columns' character set to one which supports all kinds of special characters, and that changes is now only applied to relevant database tables.

  • In addition, also all newly created environments now contain a logout page for FA Front.

FA Back 3.13.2 Release notes

FA Back 3.13.2 is an update to FA Back 3.13. This update includes the following fixes:

  • Importing portfolios through the Import menu with a CSV file no longer unnecessarily triggers recalculating all report data multiple times for the same portfolio. This occurred if you used a CSV file to update multiple portfolio's data at the same time, and modified portfolio information that requires a report recalculation, such as portfolio's accounts, benchmark or valuation method. Before, each portfolio was recalculated multiple times (as many times as you had rows in your import file, but now the required recalculation is done only once for each affected portfolio.

  • Importing prices to currency crosses has been optimized, and importing prices to currency crosses is faster than before. The import no longer updates the currency crosses in the background, ensuring the import itself goes through faster.

  • In addition, the system no longer tries to find an FX rate between a currency and itself. If the base currency and the quote currency are the same, the system directly returns the FX rate as 1, without unnecessarily trying to load an FX rate and writing warnings about it in the logs.

  • Fixed additional issues in TWR calculation when an exchange transaction removes a position from the portfolio. Incorrect TWR figures in such a scenario were due to rounding issues during an exchange. To ensure figures are accurate, calculations are now done with more decimals, and values used in calculation are checked to be of correct accuracy.

  • You can now again add a new general benchmark in Benchmark index Preferences without unnecessary errors.

  • Model portfolios are now saved correctly even when you modify multiple securities within an existing model in one go.

  • In addition, fixed an issue in an underlying method for filtering securities with multiple tags, ensuring that filtering a security list with multiple tags in FA Front works correctly.

FA Back 3.13.3 Release notes

FA Back 3.13.3 is an update to FA Back 3.13. This update includes the following fixes:

  • Paid accrual is now correctly considered in TWR calculation, ensuring TWR is calculated correctly also on the day of an exchange transaction, if the position includes exchanges that transfer accrual from one position to another.

FA Back 3.13.4 Release notes

FA Back 3.13.4 is an update to FA Back 3.13. This update includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed additional issues in considering paid accrual in TWR calculation. The calculation now correctly includes changes in "accrual" and only excludes changes in "paid accrual"

  • When calculating averages, Analytics+ now properly takes days with missing positions into account. When you do the analysis on a specific time period (start and end date), the calculation for different "average" values now considers days with no positions valued as "0" instead of just simply skipping them.

  • Limited visibility is now correctly applied in GraphQL APIs also on contacts without portfolios. When a user with limited visibility queries contacts through GraphQL API, limited visibility is applied correctly on all contacts, also contacts without a portfolio.

  • In addition, fixed issues in automatic upgrade scripts that resulted in problems during an upgrade to FA 3.13. Upgrading to FA 3.13 changes existing database columns' character set to one which supports all kinds of special characters - this change is now done in a more optimized manner table-by-table (instead of column-by-column) to reduce the time required for the upgrade. Upgrade scripts have also been restructured to ensure bookkeeping posting rules are not de-linked from portfolios when upgrading from FA 3.4 directly to FA 3.12 or higher.

FA Back 3.13.5 Release notes

FA Back 3.13.5 is an update to FA Back 3.13. This update includes the following fixes:

  • Importing portfolio data to the system programmatically, for example through an API or general importer, now correctly keeps portfolio's cost types and values even if you don't explicitly define them p.fees as *** in your import data. Before, portfolio's cost types and values were incorrectly removed if you didn't include p.fees in your import data - now portfolio's cost types and values are blanked only if you import p.fees as empty.

  • Fixed additional issues in considering paid accrual on positions with exchange transaction in TWR calculation. To consider a wide range of different ways to record accrual changes on positions with exchanges, adjustments have now been made deeper in the calculation logic to properly track the values, and on the TWR calculation logic to explicitly handle positions with exchanges.

  • Analytics+ now calculates realized profits correctly for positions included from linked portfolios (drilldown) also when more units are bought and the position grows during the analysis period.

  • Giving feedback on FA through the star icon in the red toolbar is no longer available . FA decided to discontinue the use of the underlying system, which lead us to disable the feedback option for now. We are looking for better ways to collect feedback from our clients in the future.

  • In addition, fixed issues in automatic scripts used to create new environments. Messaging queues and topics are now created earlier in the process, ensuring there are no unnecessary errors during an environment creation due to missing queues or topics.

FA Back 3.13.6 Release notes

FA Back 3.13.6 is an update to FA Back 3.13. This update includes the following fixes:

  • Fixed additional issues in considering paid accrual on positions TWR calculation when there are redemption and exchange transactions in FIFO portfolios. If an exchange has been made in a FIFO portfolio on a position with paid accrual, the accrual is transferred to the new position. If you then do a subsequent partial redemption / sell of the new position on the same date, the transferred accrual is now considered properly, no longer resulting in a accrual being counted double.