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API integrations

GraphiQL is a query tool available in FA Developer App. The tool can be used to define queries and mutations. It features a GraphQL editor, as well as documentation for the available GraphQL endpoints.

GraphQL API provides many customization opportunities, for example:

  • Building an integration between FA and an external application. A good example of this would be an integration between FA and your version of FA Client Portal.

  • Building a custom JSReport (for details about custom reports, see the Reporting section). JSReports use GraphQL API to fetch the report data from FA Back.

GraphQL API view in FA Developer app

The GraphQL API view provides you access to the GraphiQL client to run queries and mutations to the FA GraphQL API.


The menu on the left shows the GraphQL endpoints you can access:

  • Portfolio management (/graphql)

  • Fund management (/services/fund/graphql)

  • Forms and workflows (/flowable/graphql) (see Workflows for details about forms and workflows)

Type in the query and get the response on the right. Use the buttons at the top to toggle the display of panes:


The list of objects and fields to choose from for constructing a query.


The queries you executed.


GraphQL schema descriptions.

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