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API integrations


GraphiQL is a query tool available in FA Developer App. It features a GraphQL editor, as well as documentation for the available GraphQL endpoints. The tool can be used to define queries and mutations. 

GraphQL API provides many customization opportunities, for example:

  • Building an integration between FA and an external application. A good example of this would be an integration between FA and your client portal.

  • Building a custom JSReport (for details about custom reports, see the Reporting section). JSReports use GraphQL API to fetch the report data from FA Back.

GraphiQL explained

  1. Area to define a query or a mutation.

  2. Response, once query is executed.

  3. Optional variables for the query.

  4. Documentation.

  5. History to access previous queries.

  6. Context sensitivity - GraphiQL offers options when typing in the query area. You can also enable it by typing <ctrl> + <space>.

  7. Construct queries by selecting fields from a list of available objects.

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