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Standard solution 1.33 - Release notes

Released: August 16th, 2022

Standard solution 1.33 provides you with improved documentation for some fund management-related tasks and Futur Pension reporting. In addition, the client portal user role has been updated to reflect the latest changes in FA Client Portal (see FA Client Portal 1.1 - Release notes

Documentation updates

The FA User guide documentation for managing funds now has a new topic about capitalizing accrued management fees and an improved description of how to handle master and feeder fund structures.

Futur Pension reporting instructions have been updated with information about the new option to store the insurance numbers in the Portfolio IDs instead of the Short name.

For more information, see the topics in FA User Guide:

Calculate fund management fee

Manage feeder and master funds

Futur Pension reports

Role changes

The client portal user role has been updated to reflect the requirements of FA Client Portal 1.1. With these changes, the user role has the relevant permissions in order to be able to take the trading functionality in to use (should you enable it).