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Change transaction type


In some situations, the fund’s orders should come in different types of transactions than other purchases and sales. If the sending party cannot control this (for instance, rebalancing or external connections), you can use the rule below to edit assignments.

How to get started


  1. Open this Excel.

  2. Make sure that transaction types mentioned in columns 14/15 D (current one) and G (the one, that you would like to use) are matching to your case.

  3. Define a security type code or security code in 14 / 15 E or F columns.

  4. Open Dashboard called “Decision Table Management“.

  5. Upload the Excel file.

  6. Click “Reload rules from Document bank“.


How the rule works

If the rule finds a trade order:

  • That has the order status mentioned in column C.


  • That has the transaction type mentioned in column D.


  • That has a security type / code mentioned in column E / F

    It will change the transaction type to to match the type in column G