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Unit certificate

A unit сcertificate states the number of fund or share class units owned by a shareholder. It may cover all units owned by the shareholder or a part of them. A unit certificate is needed in some countries if a shareholder wants to pledge their shares as collateral for a loan. Regulations require that each issued unit certificate is marked in the shareholder registry, and the shareholder can redeem the units only after returning the certificate to the fund company.


Generating and deleting the unit certificate

You can generate a unit certificate and download it as a PDF in the Shareholder details pane (see Shareholder registry view). To record that the units are pawned, a transaction with the “Unit certificate” type is created in the fund portfolio in FA Back.

When you delete a unit certificate, the transaction status changes to "Deleted". The transaction is still kept in FA for record purposes. You can find in the transaction list in FA Back.