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FA Front 3.6 - Release notes

FA Front 3.6 [latest updated version FA Front 3.6.2] has been released.

FA Front 3.6

Contains: Drill down in Analytics

Released: April 16th, 2020

Improvements - see FA Front 3.6 Release notes for more details.

FA Front 3.6 Release notes

  • Drill down into underlying positions in Analytics+, allowing you to analyze the underlying positions you own through your investment

Updates to FA Front 3.6:

FA 3.6.1 Release notes

FA 3.6.1 is an update to FA 3.6. This update includes the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue related installing, updating or uninstalling certain extensions from the AppStore not working due to shared files being locked when running multiple applications (e.g. FA Back and FA Front).

In addition, this version contains all fixes from version FA 3.4.7:

  • Positions table now calculates also the "share %" values within the "total row" correctly, taking into account whether and how the security type affects portfolio's total. For example, future positions often only include P/L in portfolio total, and the "share %" values are now calculated by taking this into account. Before, the positions table calculated the total values directly from the table, missing the security type or account specific configurations related to what value to include in total.

FA 3.6.2 Release notes

FA 3.6.2 is an update to FA 3.6. This update includes the following improvements:

  • FA Front now provides support for automatically linking users to contacts based on contact's "External ID". This allows for example self-onboarding flows to be set up in FA Front - when a client logs in through an external identity provider, such as Signicat, a user is created for the client and automatically linked to the corresponding contact in FA through contact's "External ID" and the information received back from the identity provider, such as a social security number.