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Extensions week 41 2022 - Release notes

These features, improvements, and fixes have been released in FA AppStore during week 41 2022, allowing you to update the extensions you are using to the latest version from the FA AppStore.

Data aggregation


  • Importing FX Contracts via REST API using import mode 3 (test-only) no longer imports and saves data. Now it only checks syntax again, and does not import the FX contract.

External reporting

Norwegian tax reporting

Features and improvements

  • Added validation so that tax report is not generated if "Stock part factor" (aksjeandel) or "Tax-shield rate" (skjermingsrente) values are missing for the reporting year.

Swedish tax reporting


  • Client KURED report and Client KURED report 31 now support custom logo if it is found in the document library, otherwise standard logo is used.


Feature and improvements

  • Multiple improvements to the reconciliation process:

    • Cash account balance is handled in the same view.

    • Extended reader is able to reconcile also purchase and market values if those are provided in separate columns in the file.

    • If multiple portfolios are found with the same ID, the error "Multiple portfolio found matching the ID" is shown instead of picking any single portfolio.

    • Task shows security name even in the case where the matching position is not found.

    • Process now handles reconciliation material in which a single position is split into multiple separate rows.


  • Custodians may have different default whether to allow partial settlement or not. To override their default treatment, a certain value can be populated in the settlement file. Settlement - SEB, csv now supports to override the default value by setting a specific tag to parent portfolio’s Custody Contact.



  • Sorting documents based on the "Last modified" column in Send documents to Signicat process now sorts on the whole date (yyyy-mm-dd-hh-mm), and no longer only on the day of the month.