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Send trade orders to trading platforms

You can initiate trades in FA Back by selecting trade orders and sending them forward to the trading platform.

This functionality requires the following settings: Add trading platform information.

To send the trade orders to the trading platform:

  1. Make sure the trade orders have the Trading channel tag defined in the Trade order window. You can either set this tag for every trade order by filling in the field, or use the decision table to automate the process (see Set the Trading channel tags in the FA Admin guide).

  2. Go to Trade orders view, Trading - Waiting tab. This tab lists trade orders in the “Executable” status and Trading tag set to “Waiting”. Only orders with the “Executable” status can be sent to the trading platform.

  3. Click TradingSend trade orders to trading platform at the bottom of the view.

To track the status of the sent trade orders, see Follow trade orders sent to a trading platform.