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Fund company wizard

The Fund company wizard lets you create a new fund company or edit the settings of an existing fund company in FA Fund Management app. When you create a fund company in the FA Fund management app, FA creates a contact with the specified properties in FA Back to store the fund company information.

To create a new fund company or edit an existing one, click the Fund companies button fund-companies-button.png at the top-right of the NAV status view.

The Fund company wizard fields are described below. The fields under Other company info are hidden by default.


Fund company name.

Contact ID*

Company contact ID. You should only use numbers and letters (a-z).

Business ID

The ID provided by the authorities for your fund company. The fund company business ID is used for tax reporting purposes. The Business ID is saved in FA Back. You can find it in the Contact window, IDs tab.


The language to use in reports.

Other company info

Tax country*

The tax country of the fund company.

Juridical form* (default: Company)

The juridical form affects the taxation of certain transactions added to the fund portfolios.

Classification* (default: Professional)

Classification of the fund company.