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Document signing

FA's document signing process allows you to:

  • Send documents from FA's document bank which are to be signed with BankID by end-clients (Signicat signing service).

  • Monitor the status of the documents that are sent for signing.

To use this functionality, you should have role DOC_SIGN.


Signicat services are provided through FA agreements and FA will charge customers separately for these services.

Email and SMS templates

The document signing process has default texts (see table below) that are used in the email and SMS notifications that are sent out when documents are sent for signing. There is a possibility to override the default texts by defining email and SMS templates in preferences.

For overriding the default texts go to Preferences → Reporting → Email

  1. Create a new template and set Template name to SigningRequestEmail, SigningReminderEmail, SigningRequestSMS or SigningReminderSMS (important that name is exactly like this).

    • SigningRequestEmail and SigningRequestSMS are the templates used in the initial notification messages. SigningReminderEmail and SigningReminderSMS are used in reminders if they are in use. If reminders are in use and reminder templates are not set, initial notification templates are used.

  2. From (name), From (email address), Reply to can be set to anything. These fields are not possible to use within the signing process, and "" will always be used.

  3. Define Title to be used as subject in the email notification.

  4. Define Content for the email.

    1. It is possible to use dynamic keys such pick up the contact name to the notification. To see all available keys go to Preferences → Reporting → Dynamic keys 

    2. It is also possible to pick up the document name(s) to the notification by using ${documentNames}.

    3. To add the URL which client click to review and sign the document, use ${taskUrl}.






Documents for signing


You have been sent documents for signing.

[document name(s)]

Please follow the link below to review and sign the documents.


Dokument att signera


Du har fått dokument för signering.

[document name(s)]

Klicka på länken nedan för att granska och signera.


Dokument for signering


Du har fått tilsendt dokument for signering.

[document name(s)]

Klikk på lenken nedenfor for å se gjennom og signere.


Allekirjoitettavia asiakirjoja


Sinulle on lähetetty asiakirjoja allekirjoitettavaksi.

[asiakirjan nimet]

Tarkista ja allekirjoita asiakirjat alla olevasta linkistä.

Notification settings

When sending out documents for signing, a notification can be sent out via email and SMS to the person that is to sign the document.

By clicking Tools → Administer → Signicat sign... it can be configured whether email and/or SMS notifications should be used. For both email and SMS notifications three options are available.

  • Always (valid email address is required for all signers) / Always (valid international phone number is required for all signers)

  • If valid email address is found / If valid phone number is found

  • Never


Authentication before viewing a document

When a document is sent out for signing, it is possible to require authentication (e.g. with BankID) for the signer to be able to view the document.

By clicking Tools → Administer → Signicat sign... it can be configured whether authentication is required or not to view the document. If not required, the person can click the link and directly read the document before signing it. If set to required, the person need to authenticate e.g. with BankID to be able to open the document.


Email and SMS reminders

It is possible to send out email and SMS reminders about documents that have not been signed.

By clicking Tools → Administer → Signicat sign... the reminder frequency can be defined (maximum 5 reminders for each option are sent out). Four options are available.

  • None

  • Daily

  • Every other day

  • Weekly


Administering configurations

FA client-specific signing method is needed and ordered from Signicat by FA. Once FA has received the signing method, FA will finalize the configuration for you.