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Q1 2023 release


Q1 release introduces new features and improvements throughout all existing applications. This quarter's release includes a new major version on most of the business and administrative applications, as well as new versions of many of the microservices under the hood. In addition, we’ve released updates on Standard Solution throughout the quarter.

Highlights from this quarter’s releases include:

  • New features in FA Client Portal, for example enabling advisors and other employees in the organization to log in to Client Portal in an easy way.

  • Various improvements in FA Back, allowing you for example to import data with more special characters, add receive date and time to your trades, classify representative relations, and use Analytics+ more extensively.

  • Further development of FA Fund Management, making it easier for you to use the Portfolio tab in the NAV window and to see which currency your NAV is valuated in. In addition, your fund’s fees can now be automatically categorized into ex-post costs for reporting.

  • New tools in FA Admin Console, allowing you to search and mass-update your users more effectively.

Read more about all the new features and improvements from the release notes below.

Webinar recording from Tuesday, May 9th 2023 - 14:00 (EEST)

This webinar provides you with an introduction to the new features and improvements in the Q1/2023 release.