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Customer data export

This process provides all the information stored in FA in a single zip file, containing:

  • Contact information, including documents under the contact

  • Portfolio information, including documents under the portfolios

  • Transaction/trade order information including documents

  • List of tasks (ongoing and completed) connected to the customer and their documents. The tasks to be included are user-selectable in the process.

    • Each selected task is added as a row to the Tasks.csv, and on top of that any attachments to the task are included in the package

Contact, portfolio, transaction/trade order information and tasks are written into separate csv-files.

Note, that when opening the .csv -files in Excel, Scandinavian letters (åäö) or other special characters may show up incorrectly. This is something that is determined by Excel's own settings; we use UTF-8 (standard encoding format) when writing the files.


  1. Select the export functionality.

    Go to the overview, right-click the customer name in UI.

    Select Compliance → Export customer data

  2. If customer have any tasks, select the ones that you would like to include. Click Done.

  3. Upload the zip-file.

    You can upload the zip from download icon (next to the zip name).