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Manage two-factor authentication

To enable, disable or cancel two-factor authentication:

  1. Open the User management view in the FA Admin Console app.

  2. Find the user and click on the table row to open the User details pane on the right.


    Two-factor authentication statuses are:


    Two-factor authentication is turned off.


    The user logged in and completed the mobile authenticator setup.


    You chose Enable on next login, but the user didn’t yet log in to complete the setup.

  3. To switch the notification status, click the button in the 2-factor authentication block:

    Enable two-factor authentication on the next login

    Enable two-factor authentication on the next login for the user. The user is then required to set up the mobile authenticator app to receive time-based one-time passwords.

    Cancel two-factor authentication

    Cancel two-factor authentication request that is pending.

    Disable two-factor authentication

    Disable two-factor authentication for the user.