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Orders view

The Orders view shows the client’s trade orders. The user can view the list of orders in all portfolios or in a portfolio chosen in the drop-down at the top. Orders in the list are grouped by status (Open, Accepted, In execution, Cancelled). For each order in the list, the user can view security name, portfolio name, transaction date, units, order type, and trade amount.


Canceling an order

The user can cancel an order in Open or Accepted status by clicking the cancel order.png icon. To make this option available for the user, add the portfolio to the portfolio group CP_CANCEL in FA Back.

Order details

The user can view the following trade order details by tapping a trade order:

  • Transaction type

  • Transaction amount

  • Security name

  • Portfolio name

  • Transaction date and settlement date

  • Number of units

  • Unit price

  • Gross trade amount

  • Cost

  • Net trade amount

  • FX rate

  • Security ISIN code and marketplace

  • Description