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Fund reporting data

FA Fund management provides you with fund performance-related data that you can use to produce fund factsheets and reports.:

  • Portfolio content grouped by asset classes and types, showing the market value, share of total and share of parent.

  • Share class performance, showing TWR, alpha, beta, tracking error, vol ann, information ratio, SRRI.

  • Fund performance, showing TWR, alpha, beta, tracking error, vol ann, information ratio, turnover.

The data is generated regularly according to the schedule you set up for the fund. When the data is calculated, you can preview and accept it.

To create reports based on the generated data, you need to build a report template. To learn more, see the Reporting section in FA Developer guide.

Generate fund reporting data

To generate fund reporting data:

  1. Set the schedule for calculation the reporting data. To do this, choose the fund in the NAV overview and click edit.png to open the Fund wizard. Go to the Fund reporting tab, enable fund reporting and define the schedule. For the field details, see Create a fund.

  2. Calculate the reporting data (make sure your fund is in the "Pending" status). You can mass-calculate the data or start the calculations one by one from the side panel in the Fund reporting view.

  3. View and check the reporting data. After the calculation is completed, you can preview the data by clicking the fund in the list. For details about the figures, see Fund reporting data in the Reporting overview.


    If you notice any mistake in the underlying data that caused incorrect calculation, make the necessary fixes and click Recalculate.

    If you calculated the reporting data on the wrong date, for example, due to an incorrect schedule, you can delete the calculation data from the system. Double-click the fund in the list and click Delete calculation.

  4. Accept the calculation if the data is correct (click Accept).

Follow the fund reporting statuses

You can track the reporting data calculation status in the Fund reporting view and see if you need to calculate the reporting data today.

Fund reporting can have the following statuses:

No schedule

The calculation schedule is missing in the fund settings.

No action

No calculation or acceptance needs to be carried out today. All calculations are scheduled for the future.


Reporting data needs to be calculated today. If you didn’t calculate the reporting data for the previous scheduled days, you need to calculate and accept these first to be able to calculate the current day’s reporting data.


Reporting data was already calculated, and you can accept it.


Reporting data was accepted today. The next calculation date is in the future.

Fund reporting data in the Reporting overview

Reporting overview shows the reporting data you calculated. The date in the top-right corner shows the latest calculation date. You can choose a previous date to view the history.

KPI tabs

KPI tabs show fund portfolio analyzed as a whole and by share class. The indicators are:

  • For the fund portfolio: TWR, alpha, beta, tracking error, vol ann, information ratio, turnover.

  • For the share classes: TWR, alpha, beta, tracking error, vol ann, information ratio, SRRI.

To learn more about these indicators, see Figures available in Analytics in FA Back reference.


Holdings tab

The Holdings tab shows the fund portfolio content, with market value and share of total specified for each position.


Allocation: Asset classes tab

The tab shows the fund portfolio analyzed by asset type and asset class for all allocation groups.


Performance tab

The Performance tab shows the fund portfolio performance since the fund inception as a graph.