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Developer release notes Q3 / 2022

GraphQL APIs improvements

  • Added an endpoint for listing the configured asset classes and types in the platform. This information corresponds to your configurations in FA Back, PreferenceSecuritiesAsset classes and types section.

  • Added an endpoint for fetching information about available analytics columns, such as their name, type, and formatting.

  • Added an endpoint for querying FA’s audit logs. These logs contain information about events happening in the FA Platform, and records of certain actions that users perform in the platform.

  • The contact endpoint can now be called without providing an identifier. If called in this way, the user’s linked contact will be returned (if the user has one). This is a convenient way to provide users with information about themselves and their holdings, for example, in a client-facing application.

  • In the context of a Contact, you can now request the contact’s representees – the contacts that the original contact represents, either directly or indirectly.

  • We improved our limited visibility validation for various endpoints/relations.

Flowable workflows improvements

Flowable processes are now able to send emails. This can be done by defining a “Mail task” as part of your workflow.

We also introduced a new API service task that can be used to conveniently call FA APIs as part of your workflow.

Additionally, we introduced a mechanism to automatically clean up old flowable workflows. The default behavior is to remove workflow instances older than 60 days, because they are unlikely to ever be completed. This behavior may be overridden by providing an execution variable “keepAliveUntilDate” within your workflow, whose value is your desired expiration date.

More information about these improvements will be made available in FA Developer guide, Workflows at a later date.

JSReport version upgrade

Starting from the 2022 Q3 release, we have the option of upgrading your jsreport version from 2.11 to 3.7.1. Due to backwards compatibility issues between these jsreport versions, this upgrade is not done automatically as part of the 2022 Q3 version upgrade. In short, report templates that implement multi-language support require slight adjustments. We recommend resolving these compatibility issues with the report templates and upgrading the jsreport version, but will discuss when and how to do this with you while scheduling your 2022 Q3 upgrade.

Document library migration

From the 2022 Q3 version onward, we have the option to store documents in a NoSQL database. Previously, documents have been stored in the main FA (MariaDB) database. The NoSQL database is our preferred choice, and from the 2022 Q4 version onward, the MariaDB-based document library will no longer be available. Therefore, at some point after your 2022 Q3 version upgrade, we will perform a document migration procedure and switch you over to using the new database for all document library functionality. The schedule for this document migration procedure will be agreed with you in advance. This change does not affect any APIs nor functionality of the document library within the FA platform, but is a significant upgrade in terms of its non-functional characteristics.