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Setting up Bloomberg AIM integration

Start by installing the optional package that contains the components of the AIM integration. The package name is "Bloomberg AIM integration", and it can be installed in Tools -> Administer -> Install optional packages..., as detailed in  Optional packages.


To perform the subsequent tasks in this section, you need to have the role DA (Data aggregation) assigned.

After installing the optional package, you need to configure the connection parameters. The connection is done through sFTP, and the parameters are configured in Tools -> Administer -> Data aggregation....

In the Administer data aggregation window, select the tab Bloomberg and enter the credentials separately for reconciliation material, trade files and cash files. Remember to select the checkbox Enable integration for those that you want to enable. Note that the first settings in the Bloomberg tab refer to the PORT integration, which is separate from the AIM integration (for details on PORT integration, refer to Bloomberg PORT export)

The sFTP usernames and passwords are for All files are fetched from the home directory of the specified user, with the following conditions:

  • Reconciliation files: all files containing af in their name

  • Trade files: all files containing fd in their name

Likewise, the cash files are delivered to the home directory of the specified sFTP user. The naming of the cash files starts with AIM_Cash and ends with .csv.


You might also need to use a Bloomberg-provided certificate to connect. Follow instructions in Import certificates and keys for integrations to install the certificate.