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Automate MiFIR transaction reports with a tag rule


This rule helps you automate the MiFIR-Report tag for desired transactions.

By default, the rule works like this:

  • If the transaction is a purchase / sale and the status Accepted and its portfolio belongs to the group MiFIR transaction reporting, the transaction receives the tag MiFIR-Report.

  • If the transaction has the tag No transaction reporting or already has another tag in the group MiFIR, this tag will not be set.

Getting started


  1. Go to the Tools menu.

  2. Open Administer / Decision table administration

  3. Upload attached Excel to the Rules folder and Reload rules from document bank

  4. Define a rule for the dynamic group called MiFIR transaction reporting


How to customize the rule

Portfolio group

The easiest way to customize the rule is to define the portfolio group to suit for your purposes. Define the rule for the MiFIR transaction reporting dynamic group to make it suit to your purpose.

New transaction types

If you have similar deposit transactions with different codes, you can add new rows to this Excel:

  1. Open Excel file

  2. Copy the row with title “Tag sell transactions with "MiFIR-Report" tag.“

  3. Add your transaction type to column E.

  4. Rename the row title (modify the transaction type code).

  5. Open the tool from Administer / Decision table administration from Tools menu

  6. Upload Excel

  7. Reload rules from document bank

New conditions

If you need new conditions (columns) to the rule, contact FA.