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Extensions week 44 2022 - Release notes

These features, improvements, and fixes have been released in FA AppStore during week 44 2022, allowing you to update the extensions you are using to the latest version from the FA AppStore.


Features and improvements

  • Deferral process now allows saving deferral transactions with only part of the bookkeeping posting rules being triggered. This allows you to keep fund-related bookkeeping postings separate from the other postings. The process now has a new configuration field where it can be defined which posting rules that should be run when saving the deferral transactions.

Data aggregation


  • Bloomberg Online Trade Feed Import now properly handles importing of both legs in an Interest Rate Swap. 

External reporting

MiFIR Transaction reporting


  • MiFIR Transaction reporting no longer duplicates content in some scenarios when file is saved to the filesystem.

Statistics Norway (SSB)

Features and improvements

  • New SSB Fund Report for reporting to Statistisk sentralbyrå (SSB) in Norway. The reporting applies to all Norwegian-registered mutual funds, as well as those registered abroad and managed by a Norwegian management company. The reporting includes information about each single fund unit capital, subscriptions/redemptions of fund units and paid return.

FA Front


  • Fixed an issue in Portfolio investment plan editor so that it no longer gives an error message when entering a share percentage in the investment plan.


Features and improvements

  • In addition to creating deposits with fixed amount, fixed payment date (day of month) and on specific calendar months, the Monthly savings process now also supports optional time periods. You can now define the validity range for the monthly savings - for example, limit it to a time period so you can invest one million over the next 10 months.


Features and improvements

  • Usability improvements in Dynamics documents to make the process more usable.


Features and improvements

  • Improved user interface in Send documents to signing process which let you follow the document signing status in case of multiple signers. You can see who has signed, and who hasn't.

Tax reporting

Finnish Tax reporting

Features and improvements

  • Contact person’s name and phone number are now mandatory fields in VSTVERIE, VSAPUUSE, VSRKOERI, VSOMHOIE and VSKTVYSL reports, and field validation is added. No report is produced if any of the fields are empty.

  • Due to new 2022 tax rules, where ETF, UCITS or AIF fund is taxable as capital income (not as dividend income), securities classified as class3=59 (shares of a UCITS e.g. index share) are no longer reported in VSULKOSE report, but instead reported in VSTVERIE report with type 3J.