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FA's Reporting includes a wide variety of standard reports and the possibility for customized reports allows you to report versatile contents for various time periods. You can generate a report on the portfolio level or on the customer level - or even aggregate any data on a single report. Furthermore, to help you with your monthly and yearly reporting routines, FA's Reporting allows you to efficiently mass-generate reports to a group of customers on one go, easily send reports via email directly to your customers, or conveniently publish reports online for your customers to access.


Available reports and exports

  • Export data as PDF or XLS from tables - search for data in a table in the system, select the columns you want to view, and click the XLS or PDF icon to export the data.

  • Generate standard reports - standard reports come pre-installed, and use those to extract data from the system. Standard reports include information about your portfolios' history (for example profits and losses, cashflows, and value history) and present (for example allocations and positions).

  • Report templates based on queries - you can generate report templates based on custom SQL queries you write in the system. Query-based report templates can be used like any other report.

  • Static and dynamic PDF report templates - upload your own PDFs to the system, and use these PDF report templates as any other report. PDF report templates can be either static, or you can include information from the system with dynamic keys. For example, you can build a report front page outside of the system, and dynamically fill in customer name and address details on the page.

  • Dynamically fill in your own documents with information stored in the system - in addition, you can dynamically fill in your own PDF, RTF or XLS(X) files with contact, portfolio and security information.

Options to generate reports

  • Generate a report from the Report window - you can generate individual reports from the Report window. Select which report you want to generate, and define the required parameters, such as portfolios and dates. Most reports support grouping the data with different options, such as security type, currency or country and filtering the report data with different options, such as security type.

  • Generate reports in your customer's language - you can generate a report in your customer's language, when the preferred language is dynamically fetched from your portfolio information, or manually select which language you want to use. Most of the standard reports are available in English, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. In addition, a few selected report are also available in German, Spanish, Russian, Hungarian and Bulgarian.

  • Generate reports in different file formats - all reports and report templates are available to be generated as PDF, in addition to which all standard reports are available as PDF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, TXT, DOCX and PPTX.

  • Combine individual reports into a report package - you can multi-select individual reports to generate a combined report, or a multi-paged PDF containing data from multiple reports on separate pages. You can save your combined report as a report package for later use, and share packages with other users.

  • Mass-generate reports or aggregate data into a single report - you can mass-generate reports to multiple customers or portfolios in one go, or aggregate multiple customers' or portfolios' data into a single report. For example, you can generate a monthly report to all your customers at once, or aggregate all your customers' information into one aggregated report.

  • Receive report generation status – get a  CSV, XLS or XLSX file that contains the report generation details,  the number of generated reports, the number of failed and successful report generations.

  • Open reports as tabs on the Overview - you can open standard reports as tabs on the Overview to extend the data available. You can print the report out as PDF or XLS or send as an email directly from the screen.

  • Schedule your report generation - in addition, you can schedule generation of a report package to happen automatically in the background.

Options for report distribution

  • Send reports via email - you can send reports as an attachment directly to your customer's or portfolio's email address. You can define the message your email is attached to, pre-define email templates and include additional attachments to your email.

  • Publish reports to documents to show them online - you can publish reports to your customer's or portfolio's documents, when separate report files are stored in document management. These documents can be shown online for your customers to view.

  • Send documents stored in the system via email - you can upload documents or generate reports and send them by email. You can use this feature to check generated reports before sending.

  • Send reports via FTP – send reports to a counterparty via FTP using custom Camel routes.

Report styling

  • Use your company's logo in your reports - updated standard reports, PDF exports and query-based report templates support showing your company's logo in the report header. In addition, you can fetch a different logo dynamically based on your portfolio's primary contact or representative, for example to use different logos for large institutional clients or clients managed by different offices.

  • Customized report header, footer and styles - updated standard reports, PDF exports and query-based report templates depend on customizable headers, footers and styles. Header, footer and styling can be customized to for example use fonts, colours and formatting you prefer.

Supported formats


Available standard reports


Allocation, Allocation by category, Allocation history (share) / (value), Allocation vs. Strategy

Profits / Losses

Capital gains, Performance and value history (also with accrued interest), Realized and unrealized profits (also with accrued interest, with accrued interest and TWR contribution, with currency profit), Realized profits (also in currency), Cashflow by category, Monthly performance, Performance and cashflows, Performance contribution breakdown


Positions, Positions by purchase lot


Norwegian letter cover page, Swedish cover page with address information


Bank statement, Receivables and liabilities, Transactions / Trade orders (Export), Transaction / Trade order confirmation, Transactions