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Generate reports for portfolios

You can generate reports based on data from one or multiple portfolios using the following options:

Generate reports for a portfolio, portfolio group, or contact's portfolios

To generate reports for portfolios, portfolio groups, or contact's portfolios

  1. Open the Report window using one of the methods:

    • Click New > New report at the top-right corner.

    • Choose an item in the Overview, Customers, Contacts, Portfolios, Transactions or Trade orders view and click the print icon print.png.

  2. Choose the report in the Selected report(s) filed and fill in the fields on the right. For more information about the fields, see Report generation parameters in FA Back reference.

  3. Click Generate report.

Generate reports based on an ad-hoc search

To generate reports for portfolios based on search:

  1. Open Contacts, Portfolios, or Positions view, define the search criteria, and click Search.

  2. Click the printer icon in the top-right corner of the view and choose the report options in the Report window that opens (see Report window in FA BAck reference for details).

  3. Click Generate report.