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Choosing columns

You can customize each of the search views by choosing the columns and the information you want to see on the search result on each view. For the Overview, the column selection is user-specific: when you choose columns for you to view, it doesn't change the columns others are viewing. On all other views, the columns visible can be chosen per saved view, and are the same for each logged-in user.

The Select columns icon on the top-right corner of each table opens up a new window for you to manage your chosen columns.


The Chosen listing on the right shows the columns currently visible in the view in the order they appear: you can change the order of the columns by dragging the column name to the desired place in the listing.

You can add a new column to the view by choosing it from the Available listing on the left and by clicking the > button. Similarly, a column can be removed from the view by choosing it from the Chosen listing and clicking the < button. You can also add / remove several columns at the same time by selecting them by holding the Ctrl key.

You can also search for a column by typing in to the filter field. The list of columns is filtered according to the criteria you type in after you move away from the filter field. In addition, you can double-click a column to move it from one side to another. You can also drag-and-drop a column directly from the Available columns in the place you desire to place it within your Chosen columns.

You can save the changes made to the chosen column by clicking the Save button.

If you have filtered the Chosen columns, once you save, only the columns currently visible are saved.

Available columns

In general, the columns available on each view correspond with the fields available in each window. For contacts on Contacts and Customers views, you can choose from columns that correspond with the fields available in the Contact window. For portfolios on Portfolios view, you can in addition to the fields available in the Portfolio window choose to view any column available for contacts as well. Similarly, for securities on Securities view, you can choose from columns that correspond with the fields available in the Security window.

Columns for positions

For positions on the Overview and the Positions view, you can find the columns available including columns from security, contact, portfolio and the columns described in Available columns for position listing.

Columns for transactions

For transactions and trade orders in Transactions and Tradeorders views and the transaction listings on the Overview and Positions view, the available columns include all fields from the Transaction and Trade order window, certain columns from security, contact and portfolio as well as the columns described in Available columns for transaction listings.