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Extensions week 7 2022 - Release notes

These features, improvements and fixes have been released in FA AppStore during week 7 2022, allowing you to update the extensions you are using to the latest version from the FA AppStore.

External reporting

Norwegian tax reporting


  • Fixed an FA version compatibility issue so that latest version of Norwegian tax reporting also works with older version of FA.

  • The Verdipapirfond report now reports purchase value correct for subscriptions when there are FX rates used in transactions.

  • ASK calculator tool now also works with older versions of FA.

  • Date of birth is now reported in Verdipapirfond, Saldorente and ASK report when TIN is defined in contact profile.

  • Fixed an issue in Verdipapirfond report where an error sometimes appeared if a security was sold off during tax reporting period.

  • The Verdipapirfond report no longer reports incorrect subscription value if there are purchase lots with opening date later than tax report end date.

Swedish tax reporting

Features and improvements

  • KU21, KU31, KU32, KU34, KU40 and KU41 reports now pick up Foreign tax-id and Foreign tax country code if both are defined in KURED contact profile.

Model portfolio management

Features and improvements

  • Tag rebalance status process now run rules on the saved portfolios and have the option to define tags to set to the portfolio if a portfolio did not pass the check.

  • Support for running Rebalance templates with a specific configuration set against specific portfolios to better support automated rebalance flows.



  • Category Purpose code in Outgoing payments Danske Bank XML-file is now populated under the correct element (PmtTpInf).

Portfolio management

Features and improvements

  • Update security price from linked portfolio process now have the option to check the earliest or latest price date from the positions and only update until that date.


Features and improvements

  • Text about management fees and kickbacks in ASK client report (PDF) is updated to match the change earlier done in the XML-file where management fees and kickbacks are now pre-filled.

  • Book values (closing) report now uses API, standard header, footer and standard styles.



  • Settlement process now takes into account new tag definitions introduced in FA Back 3.11.