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FA Front for customers

View without trading possibilities

Views under the CLIENT.ONLINE role are designed for companies that want to show their end users a clear summary of holdings and transactions. This content s directly available for the usage and doesn't require any extra work carried out in FA Back (security classifications and so on).

The user accounts are linked to customer contacts in FA. You can view the content based on “Show contacts only through direct representatives” option.


Overview shows the return (graph in the top of the page) and summary of holdings (bottom of the page).



The Holdings view shows the current positions and bank account balance in the customer’s portfolio.



The Transactions view shows the list of transactions. The last column includes a link to transaction confirmation. Click a transaction to open it and view the details.


View with trading possibilities

If companies in addition to showing their end users a clear summary of holdings and transactions, also want to provide possibilities for their end users to enter trade orders to their own portfolios, the role CLIENT.ONLINEWITHTRADING can be used.

The role CLIENT.ONLINEWITHTRADING holds the same views as the CLIENT.ONLINE role, and the Trading view.


On the Trading view contains an overview of ongoing orders. The end users can input trade orders for securities with the "Tradeable" tag to their own portfolios.