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About FA Admin Console app

FA Admin Console is an app for system administrators and IT specialists. It provides tools for managing FA user accounts and system-level files.

User management view - FA Admin console

Managing files

FA Admin Console provides you with access to the system-level files to view and troubleshoot file-based integrations, FA Back and FA Front configurations and themes.

Managing user accounts

The user management functionality in FA Admin Console lets you:

  • Store the user information, add, view, delete, activate and deactivate users.

  • Set up the user’s authentication process. You can choose direct or two-factor authentication process for the users to log in.

  • Manage brute force protection that deactivates a user after a number of unsuccessful login attempts.

  • View the user’s activity and log a user out of FA.

  • Set up users' access to FA with different user roles and limited visibility option.