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Notebooks view

The Notebooks view provides you access to Jupyter notebooks to manipulate, analyze and present data from FA and external parties, as well as to store and share your work securely.


A Jupyter notebook is a self-contained document that includes Python code coupled with the code output directly in the browser. Notebooks in FA provide you with the following features:

  • Secure access to notebooks based on FA user roles. Each user operates in an individual computing environment.

  • Sharing documents with other FA users who have access to Notebooks.

  • Access to the most common python libraries to perform financial and data analysis:

    • Core data: numpy, pandas, scipy, sci-kit learn, statsmodels.

    • Data visualization: plotly, seaborn, matplotlib.

    • Finance: quandl, pyfolio, quantlib, TA-lib.

  • Access the FA APIs.

Jupyter notebooks as a tool are pre-configured in FA and don’t require any setup.

For more information about the Jupyter notebooks, see the Jupyter project documentation.