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Configure bookkeeping postings and deferrals

You can configure how bookkeeping postings and deferral transactions are generated. Changing these settings might be useful in certain cases, but generally, there shouldn't be a need to change them.

To configure generation of bookkeeping postings and deferral transactions, go to Tools → Administer → Bookkeeping. You can adjust the following settings:

  • Disable netting of bookkeeping postings

    • By default, postings are netted, meaning that if the same transaction generates multiple postings against the same bookkeeping account and with the same date, they are summed up and only one posting is saved. When you enable this setting, postings are not netted, so each separate posting rule generates a separate posting and as a result a single transaction can have multiple postings against the same account on the same day.

  • Enable support to define rules on security base type CURRENCY for security-based transactions with non-portfolio currency accounts

    • If you enable this setting, you can create separate posting rules against the cash leg of a security trade, if the trade is done against an account with a currency different from the portfolio currency.  Once the setting is enabled, you can create rules against security type CURRENCY with transaction types like buy and sell.

  • Cancel position deferrals on the following day

    • If selected, a separate set of deferrals with an opposite effect will be created for the following day when creating deferrals using Bookkeeping → Deferral of positions for portfolios. This is used in scheduled runs and as a default selection in the UI. 

  • Cancel market-valued position deferrals on the following day

    • Same as above, but the opposite deferrals will be created when using Bookkeeping → Deferral of positions (market value).