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User list

The User list lets you view the users, their status and authentication settings in one table.

user management view - user list


The filters at the top of the list let you search for a user by their ID, name, or email, or filter users by the linked contact, roles, status, or last login date.

Edit buttons

Edit buttons let you manage the users you selected:

Force password reset on next login force_pswd_reset_btn.png

Force the user to reset their password on next login.

Add/remove roles add_remove_roles_btn.png

Edit the user roles for the users you selected. To learn more about user roles, see Roles block.

Activate/deactivate users activate_users_btn.png

Switch the status of the users you selected. Deactivated user can’t log in to FA. We recommend using this option instead of deleting the user – this maintains the user's history while preventing them from accessing FA.

Table columns

User ID

User ID used to log in to FA and log the user's activities.

First name, Last name

The user’s first and last name.


The user’s email used to send a password reset link to the user if the user clicks Forgot password? on the login page.

Linked contact

The corresponding contact in FA Back. Linked contact is used to set up restricted access to the data stored in FA. Learn more in the Information block section.


Roles assigned to the user. The column shows the apps the user can access. Click arrow.png to view more detailed information that includes access rights within the app.


The user’s status: active (can log in to FA) or inactive (can't log in to the system).

Last login

Date and time of the last login.


An indicator showing if two-factor identification is turned on for the user. With two-factor authentication, users are required to enter a verification code in addition to their basic credentials (user ID and password) when logging in to FA. Learn more in the Two-factor authentication block section.