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Capitalize accrued fund fees

With each NAV calculation, accrued fees calculated for the fund are booked against accrued fee accounts. You can capitalize the fees – charge them from the actual bank account. This capitalization can be done with any interval, depending on your fund's rules and practices (often monthly or quarterly).

To capitalize the fees:

  1. Make sure that the accounts you set up for the fund (see Set up a mutual fund) have appropriate tags:

    • Accrued fee accounts must have the "Accrued fee" tag .

    • The account that you use for capitalization must have the "Fee capitalization" tag.

    To capitalize different fees at different intervals or from different accounts, use separate tags for each interval and/or account.

  2. Follow the instructions in Capitalise fees based on the account balance to capitalize the fees. The process is the same for all portfolio types (funds and investor portfolios).

    If you used separate tags for different fees (as described above), you need separate configurations for Fee capitalization with the different tag selections.